Got Milk?
"What's it going to be then, eh?"

There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim,


You Wanna Eat Where? Seattle's Favorite Fictional Restaurants

Got Milk?
"What's it going to be then, eh?"

There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim, Dim being really dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up our rassodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard though dry. The Korova Milkbar was a milk-plus mesto, and you may, O my brothers, have forgotten what these mestos were like, things changing so skorry these days and everybody very quick to forget, newspapers not being read much neither. Well, what they sold there was milk plus something else. They had no license for selling liquor, but there was no law yet against prodding some of the new veshches which they used to put into the old moloko, so you could peet it with vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom or one of two other veshches which would give you a nice quiet horrorshow fifteen minutes...

Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, really knew how to set a scene didn't he? He also gave to the world one of the great fictional restaurant locations in the Korova Milkbar--the preferred hangout for Alex and his droogs before a bit of the dirty twenty-to-one or a night of the old ultraviolence.

And while I can't believe that I missed including the Korova in last week's list of my favorite fictional restaurants, I'm just happy that commenter Hungrygrrl was there to pick up the slack.

And she wasn't the only one. After posting my picks for the best places in which to enjoy an imaginary dinner (the noodle bar from Blade Runner, Lard Lad donuts, Milliways (the Restaurant at the End of the Universe), Rick's Cafe Americain, Paradise from Big Night and the Titty Twister), I asked you, the good people of Seattle, to offer up a few of your favorites. Thankfully, you all came through. So below, I now have a good list of some of the best restaurants (or dinner tables) ever to make their way into the collective consciousness.

Read and enjoy...

Ballard Boy: I would wait for hours (well, maybe one hour) for a seat at the noodle house named for the proprietor and also the title of the movie; Tampopo. The only thing better is if I could be served on the nubile stomach of the white-suited yakuza's girlfriend as he was but that really isn't a restaurant now is it? Still, that egg yolk scene has to be the most erotic cinema ever!

Anna CIA007: A seat at Babette's Feast table please!

Couldn't find a snap of the Flying Diner. This will have to do...
Sara R: Actually I think the flying Noodle Bar from the Fifth Element might be even better than the one from Blade Runner (although BR is obviously the better movie).

Sara R (again): Also in terms of being vaguely Seattle ( or more NW really)--[Holling's] bar on Northern Exposure would actually be a fun place to hang out.

And Sara, one more time: And of course there is the wretched hive of scum and villany...

Ah, the good old days...
The Surly Motherfucking Gourmand: I want to eat at The Max from "Saved By the Bell!" Besides the fact that a privately owned restaurant was the de facto cafeteria for a taxpayer- funded public school, where else would you have been able to see Zack and Kelly's romance flower, then die a hideous death? Where else was Slater's Mexi- mullet visible? The Max is the ne plus ultra of fictional restaurants. For shame, sir, for not acknowledging this simple fact.

Stephanie: I can't believe you took first choice on this one - of course it would be the noodle bar in Blade Runner. I guess the saloon in McCabe & Mrs. Miller isn't exactly a top choice. Good NW connection though (shot around Vancouver BC).

Stephanie: How about the pie place in Waitress? I'm not even that fond of pies (or Keri Russell) but some days, wallowing around in all that sweetness might just hit the spot. Especially with cranky old Andy Griffith on hand.

Mark: For a local connection, it would have to be the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks. Otherwise, gimme an SNL cheeseburger, chips and Pepsi from the Olympia.

Mantonat: I would love to have been at the last meal served at the restaurant in "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover." The catch would be that the ultimate dish of roast human would be served, not to the thief of the title, but to Guy Fieri...while Helen Mirren and I bury ourselves in a pile of lettuce leaves in the walk-in cooler. That would be "off the hook!"

Seattle Food Geek: Personally, I wish for all of the fictional Seattle spots that Frasier frequented for 11 glorious seasons. Cafe Nervosa (coffee shop hangout) and Le Cigar Volon (somewhere between El Gaucho and a respectable restaurant) come to mind.

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