The Stranger Can't Keep Its Booze Straight On Queen Anne

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"Yo, Marti, I could have served you a shot with this. Really!"
The Stranger's inability to accurately report on simple geography outside of its backyard (Capitol Hill) is well-documented, especially when the queens of precious (based on the novel Push, by Sapphire) snarkalism venture to South Park--or neighborhoods surrounding South Park that the Stranger thinks are South Park.

But it seems the Stranger also has another inner-city blind spot, at least when they're drinking: Queen Anne.

Every week, Stranger columnist Marti Jonjak spotlights an area watering hole in a very minimalistic manner--so you'd figure it'd be the least Jonjak could do to nail down basic facts. Writing about Lower Queen Anne's Streamline this week, Jonjak writes that the Streamline serves only "beer and wine (the new owners have applied for a hard-liquor license)."

Jonjak's absolutely correct in reporting that the Streamline serves beer and wine. But they also serve hard liquor; in fact, they were granted their license in December. And this isn't the first time the Stranger has bungled its booze news when visiting Queen Anne.

Targy's, a Streamline-like bar which sits atop Queen Anne Hill, serves hard liquor nowadays. But back when a pack of cab-ridin' Strangers visited in 2007, they only served beer and wine. That didn't stop the Stranger from asserting that they ordered "another round of tequila shots and beers."

Truth in drinking, guys--that's journalism 101. Otherwise, stick to the heat lamps at Linda's.

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