The Sexiest Bikini Barista Slideshow Ever!

Weekly photog Renee McMahon hit the streets with a group of hog-straddling bikers last Saturday who'd organized a coffee shack crawl. Not just any coffee shack crawl, but a crawl supporting scantily-clad baristas around town, who've taken more than their fair share of shit from the PC set over the past year or so.

As you can imagine, Renee's photos--compiled here in a slideshow--are hotter than Alki asphalt. If you like guys, that is.

Want cleavage shots? Look elsewhere--McMahon's slideshow is low on ta-tas and heavy on men and the hogs (and mopeds) they love, thus appealing primarily to men and women who love men on hogs. Gentlemen, start your engines!

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