Spinasse Springs Forward with New Tables and Times

Say goodbye to these tables
If you dine at Spinasse (1531 14th Ave.) later this week, you'll notice something different: banquettes where communal tables used to be.

"As a restaurant we have moved away from family style service. Our menu is now much more focused on an a la carte style service," says executive chef Jason Stratton. "I know many guests are not thrilled to be sitting next to strangers, especially on a special occasion. Communal dining can be a blast, but not everyone enjoys themselves. When I dine out myself, there are times where I want to share and times when I want to have my plates all to myself. I prefer that a guest can choose his or her own favored manner of dining."

Spinasse will retain one large communal table down the center of the room which seats up to eight people for large parties. Stratton says the first half of the dining room should be finished today, with the entire dining room done in time for dinner service Wednesday.

He says they'll do the rest of the overhaul tomorrow while the restaurant is closed, as it will be every Tuesday from now on. "We are closing on Tuesdays to allow for private parties and special events including cooking classes and monthly special dinners."

The first of those special dinners will be The Birth of Spring, a family-style feast celebrating the first tastes of Spring, tommorw night at 7 p.m.. The four-course dinner is $40. Call the restaurant for reservations: 251-7673.

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