When Wylie Bush (of Joe Bar ) and Matt Dillon (of Sitka & Spruce , former sous at The Herbfarm , and one of America's


Pellegrini Dinners Back at the Corson Building

When Wylie Bush (of Joe Bar) and Matt Dillon (of Sitka & Spruce, former sous at The Herbfarm, and one of America's Best New Chefs in 2007, according to Food + Wine magazine) opened the Corson Building (5609 Corson Avenue South) back in the summer of 2008, it was a radically old-fashioned kind of thing with a new-age slant--a restaurant that operated almost solely as a special events venue, but with "special events" planned for every week, for at least four days out of that week, and (mostly) open to the public. It was a kind of rolling long-weekend house party in restaurant form, with a kitchen "built on a foundation of relationships with our community of friends and teachers, hunters and farmers, importers and foragers, wine makers, fishermen, builders, artists, and activists," (according to the website). Imagine your cool uncle--the one who moved to Manhattan when he was a teenager, hung out at Studio 54, knew Lou Reed, Molly Ringwald and Dee Dee Ramone and always showed up to family events with the best weed. Now imagine him coming back to Seattle and throwing a party for all the city's moneyed swells and connected foodies. Now imagine him doing it every weekend.

Voila! The Corson Building.

This sort of it-takes-a-village brand of restarateur-ship has carried the Corson Building through two years of operation already. And today, the Corson gang announced that they're going to bring back their popular Angelo Pellegrini-inspired weekly dinners and Sunday brunches.

Pellegrini was the early food world's rock star--a cult figure who espoused eating well and close to home, getting to know your farmers and fish-guys and growing your own everything long before all that stuff became cool. He was a local guy with a national impact, a teacher who schooled many of those who drive the industry today (and, not for nothing, the guy in whose name we'll be presenting some big time food awards in just a few week's time), and he left behind a rich legacy for chefs to draw on.

Which is precisely what they'll be doing at the Corson Building on Thursday and Friday evenings and during Sunday brunches--offering "an a la carte menu inspired by the writing and philosophies of Angelo Pellegrini," featuring dishes like salads from their garden, Dungeness crab roasted in the wood oven with chicken of the woods mushrooms and basil, sliced tomato and haricot vert with anchovy brown butter and poached nectarines with fried almonds and lemon verbena gelato. Sunday brunches will be equally festive affairs, with buffets loaded down with charcuterie, salads, house-made yogurt, preserves and other breakfast foods. And alongside all this, the Corson Building will still be offering their regular Saturday night dinners and twice-monthly Sunday family dinners.

Not bad, right? I'm sure Angelo Pellegrini would be pleased.

And as for those of you out there interested in getting your teeth into some of that grub? The house is taking reservations now for the Pellegrini dinners (and brunches), but you can also just walk right on in. And for more info, you can always check out the Corson Building's website which has all the details you could ever need.

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