Georgetown Farmers Market to Come in June

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The proposed Georgetown Farmers Market would be just north of this building.
The Georgetown Farmers market is a go, according to Calamity Jane's Sara Aruguete, who provides a bit of social glue for this neighborhood. Her newsletter plugs not only her own Monday Night Bingo, but also Squid and Ink's Cakarokee, Full Throttle Bottle's Wednesday tastings, and trivia night at The Georgetown Liquor Company.

Her recent missive reads: "Breaking news, just in*** the Georgetown Saturday Marketplace has just confirmed that it will start on June 5th, with a farmers market and a flea market on the old Rainier Cold Storage parking lot every Saturday through September . . . details to follow."

There was a bit of controversy over whether this market would offer produce only, thus disallowing packaged goods and other items--but it seems the conflict has been resolved. Georgetowners will have a spot to buy both. Thank the down economy once again, for this market is being held on a site that was to become condos.

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