For the Ladies (and some of you dudes): Cosmo Picks the Hottest Chefs

Snap courtesy of Cosmo
Requirements for being a Cosmopolitan magazine "Sexy Chef"

1) Douchebag hair (pompadour, faux-hawk or boyishly messy in a $300 stylist kind of way)

2) Ironic beard and/or moustache

3) Puppy-dog eyes

4) Dreamy accent

5) Heartbreaking smirk

6) No felony convictions

7) A dick (because they're all guys, get it?)

And, apparently, it helps to have been on TV. A lot. Because chefs that actually work in the kitchens? They're all pasty and pale, exhausted and scarred up and no one wants to see that, right?

Check out the link to the full list (and slideshow!) of sexy chefs after the jump.

Also from Cosmo
So this is what Cosmo sees as sexy--14 chefs meeting some or all of the above requirements, including such die-hard standbys as Jamie Oliver, Tyler Florence and Rocco DiSpirito. It's pure pin-up fluff, but you know, if you're into that kind of thing...

Also, on a final note: while I do dearly love the food prepared by Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson (of Frasca Food + Wine in Boulder, CO), and think he is a perfectly handsome man, what's with the picture of him used by Cosmo? He looks like he just rolled out of bed after a three-day subterranean PBR-and-bacon bender--all pasty and exhausted and...

Oh, that's right. Bravo background aside (this was obviously shot while he was doing his day on Top Chef Masterslast year), Lachlan cooks every night for a full house at one of the most consistently excellent restaurants between the coasts. I'm just curious when was the last time that Rocco stood a Friday double. I'm guessing it was before his stint on Dancing With The Stars...

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