First Call: Five O'Clock Shadows and Kamikazes at the Pinehurst Pub

Jesi keepin' the booze flowing
The Watering Hole: Boud's Pinehurst Pub, 11753 15th Ave. NE, PINEHURST

The Atmosphere: While mall-cruisers can sip on martinis at Stanford's, those looking to really let loose can head to what locals refer to as "the hurst" as their final destination. Upon entering, it looks like any bar with jerseys on the wall and flat screens playing highlights. However, come Tuesday's "pool tournament night," the bar serves more as a five-o'clock-shadowed UW professor retreat. Pinehurst even has free Bingo nights every Wednesday, a good enough excuse to can the old VFW.

The Barkeep: Jesi Hocking from Libby, Montana. Don't let her small-town charm deceive you--she's tougher than nails when it comes to defending her neighborhood bar. With a psychology degree from UW, she knows all about mind games and will prescribe a drink to anyone looking to leave their troubles behind.

The Drink: Jesi shook up her own favorite drink, known as the Strawberry Kamikaze, which consists of Strawberry Stoli, muddled lime, triple sec, Rose's sweetened lime juice, and a splash of sweet and sour finished off with a sugar rim. Best dive feature? Plenty of chipped martini glasses.

Pinehurst drinks.jpg
An elegant evening of martinis and wings

The Verdict: If only lemonade tasted this good all the time. With just the right amount of tartness, Jesi's drink was a winner--although, the bar's One Night Stand, a specialty bomb shot of Absolut raspberry mixed with Red Bull, would make a good runner up. Even the regulars would agree that the menu has some real perks, including its all-day breakfast served until 11:30 p.m. And as one patron remarked, "When it was snowing, I thought this was my ski lodge."

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