Blue C Sushi doesn't even come CLOSE to being as cute as this little dog.
There's only one thing in the world that's cuter than


Blue C Sushi Is as Cute as a Bug's Ear

Blue C Sushi doesn't even come CLOSE to being as cute as this little dog.
There's only one thing in the world that's cuter than Blue C Sushi. No, it isn't a Yorkshire Terrier wearing a tiara. Nor is it a sleepy two-week-old bunny. It's not a squirrel in a vest, or a kitten wearing a monocle, or an elf with an acorn for a hat in a miniature carriage drawn by mice. Actually, I just changed my mind: ALL of that aforementioned stuff is cuter than Blue C.

Still, Blue C is ULTRA PRECIOUS. It's like Japan in a bottle. When I say "Japan," I mean the parts of Japan where neon tentacle porn and repetitive jangling arcade noise assault your senses, and Hello Kitty appears on more licensed products than KISS does. I'm not talking about the quiet traditional Japanese countryside, or the staid Zen gardens, or anywhere in Japan that got the shit blown out of it nukes.

Inside Blue C you'll find clean lines and spare mod fixtures, giant video screens and artwork that begs you to deface it. A conveyor belt snakes through the center of the room, whisking plates of sushi past the diners seated around the belt. It's a well- known formula, now endlessly aped by also- rans such as Sushiland. You go in, sit down at the conveyor belt, and start grabbing plates of sushi. The plates are color coded by price, but only pay attention to that if you're a loser. Just grab the shit out of every piece of sushi that appeals to you.

You may wonder how good sushi that's been rotating around on a conveyor belt could be. Answer: fucking awesome. The fish at Blue C is obviously very fresh. Maguro nigiri ($3.50) is a glassy crimson and tastes like it's the last tuna on earth (maybe it IS). Salmon ($3) is unctuous. Mackerel nigiri ($3) is pink- fleshed and strikingly beautiful, with a gleaming sliver of its burnished steel skin still left on, and an unrepentantly fishy taste. Albacore ($3) is yielding and briny and so creamy you could use it as sunscreen if you wanted.

If you like sushi rolls, you're clearly a girl, but at Blue C all of you ladies are in luck: the spicy tuna roll is $3.50, but you get six pieces of it, cross-sectioned discs of cubed maguro in a creamy and spicy sauce, wrapped in rice. Blue C is clearly flirting with false advertising here by calling this roll "spicy;" personally, I would've called it the "Cautious, Lawyerly Tuna Roll." Still, it's tasty.

Don't like sushi? Fuck you, but Blue C has many options for you timid freaks: plates of salad, sesame noodles, edamame, and gyoza periodically whip by. Three bucks gets you some Mighty-O Donuts: three tiny granular rings of fried sand drizzled in syrupy whitewash. If you eat donuts at a sushi place, you fucking fail. The end.

Rating: 8 hentai seiyoku out of 10

Blue C is located at 1510 7th Ave


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