An Open Letter to Foodportunity

Mike Seely has a question of his own: "WTF is up with that name?"
Dear Keren Brown,

I'm sorry to do this, but my editor, Mike Seely, is beyond annoyed with your professional food networking series, Foodportunity. Don't get me wrong, he loves the concept; it's the name he has a problem with. I believe the most recent phrase he used to describe it was "one of the more maligned names in the food community."

After dedicating my Will Blog for Food column to you this week, and after Seely deemed Foodportunity a "horrendous pun," you were nice enough to explain the name's conception (even though it is pretty self-explanatory). "I wanted a name that would explain to people that this would be the place to connect and find opportunities in the food world, " you told me. "The name is memorable and hundreds of people come to my events to take advantage of these opportunities. Every event has sold out and there is always a long list of people waiting for a spot to open."

Again, thank you for humoring me and taking the time to rationalize your decision to chose the name Foodportunity. It's not the easiest thing to pronounce, but it's definitely made an impression.

Please don't take me off your media invite list.



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