Update: Grant Achatz Will NOT F*@$ With Your Whiskey. At Least Not Yet ...

Just as God intended.
Just when I was getting all excited about getting drunk on gin-flavored Pop Rocks and whiskey gelee, someone has to come along and spoil it all.

The someone in question this time? Those bastards over at Grub Street Chicago who, this afternoon, had to go and burst my bubble by telling everyone that Grant Achatz of Alinea in Chicago is not going to be opening a bar serving molecular gastronomy cocktails. Or at least probably not. Certainly not right now. And even if he does decide to open a bar, sometime, in the indistinct future, it will most certainly not be called Boom.

The story about Boom (which was alleged to be the name of the place, reported in several locations) made the rounds fast, making a splash on both food blogs and in major newspapers. I posted about it earlier this afternoon (before seeing the CSI-style Grub Street dissection of the story's progress), got myself all excited over the possibilities of molecular cocktailing, and now, to hear that it's not going to happen (yet)? Well, that just sucks.

Still, I'm guessing that, with the amount of press Achatz's non-announcement got, it won't be long before someone out there decides that maybe a molecular gastronomy bar ain't such a bad idea.

Hint hint.

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