Toulouse Petit: Giving You an Excuse to Get Up in the Morning

Happy hours are wonderful things. Cheap(er) booze, usually a few little snacks, and all offered to me just because I showed up at something like four in the afternoon rather than 6 p.m.? Done and done, baby. Say no more.

But Toulouse Petit in Lower Queen Anne (which is named after the street in New Orleans, not the alcoholic, inbred midget artist of fin de si├Ęcle Paris and inventor of a killer absinthe-and-cognac cocktail) has been doing a breakfast happy hour for the past six weeks in an attempt to become "a new institution for breakfast in Seattle," according to owner Brian Hutmacher (who also owns Peso's next door). The kitchen was more or less giving away the house for a couple hours every morning, letting some serious good eats go for just five bucks a plate.

The good news today? Hutmacher has decided that since the temporary, $5 breakfast happy hour worked so well for him, he was going to up the price a dollar and make the whole thing permanent. And before you go getting your undies in a bunch about the price-jacking, take a look at what you can get for those six little dollars.

Beignets with chicory anglaise. Cured pork-cheek confit hash with parsnips, potatoes and onion confit. Crawfish etouffee and eggs served over grits. Eggs Hussarde with Snake River Farms ham and a veal-and-shallot pan sauce. All of that, just six dollars, provided you can haul your ass out of bed on any weekday and make it through the doors of Toulouse Petit between 9 and 11 a.m. And as if all the cheap grub weren't enough, the kind and gentle tenders behind the bar will make it even easier on you by mixing up cocktails specially made for drinking before noon -- bloody marys and mimosas for you Plain Jane types, milk punch, breakfast flips and Ramos gin fizzes for those feeling a bit more adventurous.

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