Morning Food News: Three Seattle Chefs Compete on Bravo, Cheap Wine Tastings at Meridian Market

Maria Hines of Tilth
Three Seattle Chefs will complete on season two of Bravo's Top Chef Masters: Maria Hines of Tilth, Thierry Rautureau of Rover's, and Jerry Traunfeld of Poppy. On the sho-w, established chefs from across the country compete against one another for charity--think Top Chef without the hotheads and drama. The season premieres April 7 at 11 p.m. Congrats, chefs! And good luck!

For less famous folk like myself, Meridian Market is offering $5 wine tasting this evening, along with French truffles by Intrigue Chocolates. You get 10 percent off if you buy one of the featured bottles, all of which are already in the $11-$18 price. Not too shabby.

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