Playing the name game at Pabla Cuisine

Original location--one of two, soon to be three
If you're anything like me, you're often running out of the house in the morning (read: noon) with nothing under your belt but maybe a bit of toast, a cup of tea, some dry salami, a bite of nicely aged cheese, maybe a sandwich or two and no more than half the leftover porterhouse steak or chicken curry that got stuck in the fridge after coming back from the restaurant last night.

Obviously, you're gonna be hungry. Famished, really--like some kind of starveling waif wandering the streets of Paris with nothing but an adorable beret, two bottles of Chateau Latour, rinds of brie and half a lobe of foie gras to gnaw on. And again, if you're like me, this hunger is going to make you distracted--leave you veering dangerously around on the road like you've mixed too much cough medicine in with your breakfast vodka and lunging wildly toward anything between you and your eventual destination that even looks like it might be a restaurant.

In this way I have ended up trying to get drive-thru service from guys running taco trucks and demanding spaghetti carbonara from a real estate office (though, in my defense, if you call your real estate office Casa Paisano and tart it up like a streetcorner trattoria, how am I supposed to know it's actually a Mexican real estate office?)--both serious mistakes. But every once in a while, my keen appetite and poor impulse control have also led me in the direction of good news: towards interesting conversations about the low, low mortgage rates on Federal Boulevard ranch houses and little restaurants that I might not have ever found had I not been desperate and virtually on their doorsteps.

Today was one of those days. I left the house hungry and, by the time I had my car aimed down toward the water on Madison Street, I was ready to eat my own steering wheel cover if someone would only give me a little curry to dip it in. And what I found was Pabla Cuisine--a soon-to-be-restaurant getting ready to open at the corner of 2nd and Madison.

Now if that name sounds familiar, it should. There are already a couple other Pabla-ish restaurants up and running in the area. But the confusing thing is, not all of them are related.

For example, Pabla Cuisine in Renton? No relation to the new Pabla Cuisine set to open downtown. Pabla Veggie Cuisine in Issaquah? A sister restaurant to the one in Renton, but again, not related to the one at 2nd and Madison.

But Pabla India Cuisine--the 17-year-old Indian restaurant down around 2nd and Pike (and shown in the map above)--is related, and I just got off the phone with someone there who told me that, while no hard date has yet been set for the opening of the new Pabla Cuisine, the owners are looking at something maybe three or four weeks off.

One reason for the slowdown? In order to confuse matters even more, they just opened a completely different restaurant down around SeaTac (15245 International Boulevard) called Pabla Punjab Palace which is both a regular, sit-down restaurant and a banquet hall. That just opened in December and everyone is currently trying to get used to running two restaurants before they go and unlock the doors on the third.

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