Little Seen Oyster Comes to Town

There's a rare oyster in town, courtesy of Taylor Shellfish, called the Samish flat oyster.

"These are a French oyster," explains Oyster Bill (Bill Whitbeck), the man who sells the bivalves at farmers markets, "the same species as the Belon oyster, but we can't really call them Belon because they are not grown on the Belon River. The species is ostrea edulis. We don't grow a lot of them, and they are in short supply. We haven't had them at the farmers market in a while, and we sold out 10 dozen at the U District Farmers Market last week."

Look for these rounded, flatter oysters--which are especially prized, and pricey, in Europe--for the next weekend or two. They'll be at Taylor Shellfish's U District market stand on Saturday, and, if they don't sell out, at the Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday.

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