Cat Stew: Now With Videos!

The best tea is made with only the freshest kittens...
Two days ago, we posted the story about Italian chef and (former) TV personality Beppe Bigazzi who was canned from the show La Prova del Cuoco after extolling the virtues of Tuscan cat stew (and even offering some recipe tips). I felt that this was a ridiculous move on the part of some cowardly TV executives who pussed out (get it?) in the face of one tiny little shit-storm stirred up by animal activists, pet lovers and crazy Italian cat ladies who thought that the notion of cooking up Mr. Fluffers in the pot was just about the worst thing they'd ever heard. To their credit, PETA (always a model of restraint and good taste) was even able to go one better by linking this latest foofaraw over cat stew to their campaign against eating pigs: the one where they ask, "If your dog tasted like pork, would you eat her?"

Now I was going to go off on a whole, weird jag about eating dogs and just how good a dog would have to taste before I'd be willing to eat one (better than rabbit was more or less where I came down on the issue) and whether or not different breeds ought to be genetically bred to have different flavors (chocolate schnauzer anyone?). But then, lucky for all of us, I got distracted because someone told me that had just put up the video of the original La Prova del Cuoco segment.

And it's true! They did! Why? Because they're awesome. And they're awesomer because one of their fans even went so far as to translate the dialog between Bigazzi and the host into cute little word bubbles that seem to (mostly) track with the dialog.

Still, the actual words coming out of these peoples' mouths (other than the part where Bigazzi preemptively calls anyone who'd complain about his love of cat stew "racists") is less amusing to me than the look on the face of Bigazzi's co-host as he starts in on his felinatarian reverie. It is a look composed of equal parts horror, revulsion and the deep, post-modern joy at knowing, while it is happening, that the moment she is currently living through is destined to become fodder for a thousand bloggers and bored newspaper writers the world over.

Really, though, I can only describe the scene so well. This is something you've just got to see for yourself. So check it out now at You can thank me later.

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