Are Cream Cheese Hot Dogs Really a Seattle Thing?

It's an ongoing argument here at the Seattle Weekly office. Some say they originate in New York, others Chicago. But people from the southwest sure seem to think we invented them. I ran into five very drunk insurance salesmen visiting from Arizona outside of the Last Supper Club last night. Their mission (other than getting laid): To try Seattle-style hot dogs.

"Everybody back home told me I've gotta eat a cream cheese hot dog before I leave," one slurred. "They're supposed to be amazing."

Wikipedia - always a reliable source - states that "Seattle-style hot dogs are known for the liberal use of cream cheese and onions, usually on a grilled/ toasted bun, often with kraut." That sounds about right. They should probably add, "They taste especially good if you've been drinking."

The Arizona entourage eagerly waited in line and ordered several cream cheese dogs from one of Pioneer Square's walk-up stands. And judging from their reactions, the dogs delivered on the hype, whether they're a Seattle thing or not.

"Wow, that is good," the drunkest one of the bunch announced dreamily as he chewed with his mouth open. Then his expression soured. "It doesn't make up for your fucking Mexican food, though."

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