Spaces Still Available: First Wine Dinner at Hudson Public House

Hudson Public House hosts its first wine dinner tonight since opening last April, though owner Seth Howard has hosted wine dinners at his older bar, Pioneer Square's Collins Pub, for years. Tonight's meal spotlights Tamarack Cellars Winery.

You'll enjoy Dungeness crab salad with chardonnay, leek bisque with cabernet franc, pork tenderloin and sweet potato gratin with syrah, and a Stilton "cheesecake" with cabernet sauvignon.

"I've been cellaring two jeroboams--great big bottles about hip-high," Howard explains. We'll pour from those for two of the courses." [A jeroboam is a three-liter bottle.]

Monday, January 25, 6:30 p.m.


Hudson Public House, 8014 15th Ave N.E.

Call for reservations: 524-5070.

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