Shilling for Pagliacci

I've been getting a lot of "hello and welcome to town" emails from the chefs, owners and PR flacks in town. But the one that caught my eye today came in from Jason Cheung, general manager over at Pagliacci's University Pizzeria location (4529 University Way NE). Not only was Cheung able to name-drop a couple of Denver's more well-known bartenders (the Layman brothers, Ryan and Randy, who he got to know when Ryan rolled through town on an air guitar tour, of all things), but he also let me know that Pagliacci will be doing two important things on Thursday. First, they're getting all charitable and will be donating their profits for the day to the Red Cross for earthquake relief in Haiti--good karma and a damn nice thing for them to do.

But second (and in my own narrow and food-obsessed brain, more importantly), Thursday is the day that they roll out their new seasonal menu. Currently, the pizzaiulos are tossing two seasonal pies--one Mediterranean (with black olives, capers, artichoke hearts and feta) and one with marinated chicken, rosemary and potatoes that I want, like, now. But come Thursday, that all goes away and the boys at the ovens will be slinging one called The Salumi, covered in roasted fennel, ricotta, Mama Lil's peppers and finnochiona salami straight from the source: Salumi in Pioneer Square.

Yeah, I know. Now I'm hungry, too.

But wait. It gets better. They're also moving out the peanut butter gelato that's been on the boards for some time now and replacing it with salted caramel which is just...awesome. The first ice cream shop in Denver to serve salted caramel a few years back pretty much lived on it for six months, serving it faster than they could make it. And I was regularly one of the people in line waiting for my fix. It's just one more thing I'm happy to know I can get here now.

Or anyway, one more thing I can get starting tomorrow...

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