Mayor McGinn Throws a Lunch Party, and (Almost) Nobody Eats

Mayor Mike McGinn hosted a brown-bag luncheon for Seattle's political press corps today. He talked plenty about his controversial proposal to expedite replacement of the waterfront seawall, and reporters took notes.

But what they didn't do was eat. Writes Laura Onstot, over at the Daily Weekly: "Only alt-weekly types, who have no shame, and Joel Connelly brought actual food today." In this photo, Connelly is in the middle, while former SW editor Skip Berger is at his left and the Stranger's Eli Sanders (a white v-neck t-shirt to meet with the mayor? What's up, Fonzie?!) at his right--both "alt-weekly types," both among the few actually eating.

Indeed, there's no shame in eating, especially at an event where the "lunch" component is spelled out quite clearly. Could it be that political reporters subsist on hooch alone, as has long been rumored? Evidently, the answer is yes.

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