Mac & Cheese Shocker at Tini Bigs


Mac & Cheese Shocker at Tini Bigs

  • Mac & Cheese Shocker at Tini Bigs

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    For purely superficial reasons, I've long held a bias against Tini Bigs. Although I loved the movie Swingers, I've never been too keen on the martini-cigar-zoot suit resurgence, a resurgence Tini Bigs has essentially staked its existence on. In fact, I'll be frank: that movement annoys the fuck out of me (in particular, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), as does pretty much anything with the word "tini" in it.

    What doesn't annoy the fuck out of me is the food and post-happy hour music at Tini Bigs. During happy hour, the tunes are a heapin' helpin' of Sinatra and the like, which I don't dig so much, daddy-o (although if anyone scats, that's an instant exception to the loathing). But around 8, the stereo shifts to mellow instrumental jazz, and I'll be damned if the Lower Queen Anne bar doesn't have some of the best mac 'n cheese in town.

    No, it didn't make Julien's list of the top five macs 'n cheeses in town, and that dish's gourmet explosion may be on the wane. But Tini's does what I wish everyone did: They include a generous amount of pancetta in their mac 'n cheese, thus making it more like a mac 'n cheeseburger--something the inner fat ass in all of us can surely appreciate.

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