Farmers Market Coming to Georgetown, Hopefully

The proposed Georgetown Farmers Market would be just north of this building.
There's a reason journalists like to hang out at bars, aside from the cliché of being drinkers (which of, course, is not always untrue): Eavesdropping on, and/or talking up your fellow barflies is a great way to discover what's news. A recent trip to Calamity Jane's for a hot toddy earned Voracious this scoop: There's a farmers market in the works for Georgetown.

"We're exploring that opportunity now," the man behind the Fremont, Ballard, Madison and Wallingford farmers markets, Jon Hegeman, explains. "But nothing has been inked with the Sabey Corporation. If all things go as planned, we hope to make an official announcement at the end of this month. The market itself would start in the begging of June."

Where will the market be sited? "Across from the 9 Pound Hammer," Hegeman says, in that big, open, nicely-tarred parking lot, where Rainier Cold Storage once stood (and sagged).

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