Elvis Honored in Doughnuts at Top Pot

Elvis doughnuts have left the building. Really thought peanut butter and bananas was more the King's thing, but they don't refer to him in his later years as "Fat Elvis" for nothing. Today Top Pot honored the king with the king of doughnuts, a raised doughnut with maple glaze and bacon sprinkles. This is all past tense because the Elvis doughnuts are SOLD OUT. According to baristas, the 7 1/2 dozen Elvis doughnuts were gone by 8:00am. Somebody run to Ralph's! Borrow the Palace kitchen, fry up some bacon and sprinkle those GD maple bars. Only 90 doughnuts to honor the King? Coulda sold 900.

The shop WAS featuring these beauties today only, at the downtown location only (2124 5th Ave.) to celebrate what would have been Presley's 75th birthday. Guess they don't need my suggestion of a banana creme injection... I'll update this post if Top Pot re-ups their stock.

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