El Capitan: Not Your Typical Ice Cream Social

El Capitan's swanky ice cream social
After recieving a portable ice cream maker from a friend over two years ago, Capitol Hill resident Sam Trout decided it was time to host an ice cream social to debut El Capitan.

Nearly 25 people packed into an apartment on the Hill--most of whom Trout had never seen before--to try a sampling (all available for purchase) of his homemade flavors such as Cinnamon Basil, Kahlua Caramel and Eggnog Chocolate Caramel Swirl, to name a few.

Musicans played in the background while patrons sipped on wine, an unlikely combination with ice cream, but posh nonetheless for such an occasion. Trout hopes to keep the tradition going by hosting the event in different venues each month, adding comedy acts and burlesque shows for a $10 entry fee.

Sam Trout scoopin' his goods

So how was Trout's homemade ice cream? A creamy heaven of subtle, natural flavors, that made you want to go home and throw away every Breyers container in the freezer.

Or, buy a portable ice cream maker.

Keep your eye on Voracious for word of the next Capitan social.

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