Cantinetta Second Location Confirmed

I've been bugging chef Brian Cartenuto for weeks about the possible second location for Cantinetta, the wildly popular, pasta-focused Italian restaurant he helms in Wallingford. The chef (oh, what he's been doing with pasta and winter squash lately) has remained tight lipped against my questioning advances. Well, one of my little crows informs me a lease has been signed on the Eastside for a second Cantinetta. The restaurant will be on Old Main Street in Bellevue, right near Gilbert's Bagels. The space is only a few hundred square feet bigger than the Wallingford restaurant, and by the looks of it, the restaurant could have a very similar layout.

We'll see if Cartenuto would like to comment now, and I'll update when he does. If not, I'm just going to start calling it Cantinetta, Too!! (double exclamation points intentional). And chefs, keeping quiet is silly, what with permits needing filing and gossiping tenants and all. You might as well make it easy for a girl...

UPDATE: Chef Cartenuto's comment: "Maggie, I think your advances towards me have been more than just the questioning kind [writer's note: not true, blaming the agnolotti], but I will not confirm nor deny the Bellevue space. I will confirm the new commuter car smell and the bagel crumbs on the dashboard."

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