Blue Moon to Debut Tuesday Night Film Series, Happy Hour on Jan. 19

On Jan. 19, the U-District's historic (and historically free-spirited) Blue Moon (712 NE 45th St) will begin hosting Tuesday double features, along with a late-night happy hour featuring $2 Miller pints, and $3.50 well drinks beginning once the evening's second reel starts spinning around 10 p.m. (the first film will start at 8, and there will be free peanuts to munch on, as always).

The first twin bill will feature Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek (2009), followed on Jan. 26 by Airplane on Anchorman, Feb. 2 by Big Trouble in Little China and Goonies, Feb. 9 by Idiocracy and Wet Hot American Summer, and Feb. 16 by a double-shot of Swayze: Point Break and Roadhouse.

The screenings will likely continue in March, says Blue Moon booker Jason Josephes, who adds that the series is "something I've been wanting to do for awhile -- we've had a projector and a sound system ready to go for some time. Seeing as how the universe is going supernova in about six billion years, we better get on it now."

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