The Upside to This Week's Freezing Temps: It's Hot Pot Weather

Black-goat junggol at Sam Oh Jung. Photo: Steven Miller
It's cold, dammit. For a Northwesterner, paralyzingly cold. Can't-leave-the-bed cold. Hot-pink-ears-and-fingers cold. One-sweater's-not-enough cold.

Hot-pot cold.

It's prime weather for sitting around a tabletop burner, talking through the steam, dipping and swirling and plucking and slurping things out of a simmering pot. Seattle is full of restaurants specializing in these DIY dinners. Here are a few hot pot reviews I've written over the years:

Hot pot roundup: Vietnamese lau, Chinese huo guo, and Japanese shabu-shabu.

Korean junggol at Sorabol, Sam Oh Jung, and Hae-Nam. (Other Korean restaurants with big junggol sections on their menus: Ka Won and The Garden.)

Chinese-Mongolian medicinal hot pots at Little Hot Pot in Bellevue (definitely get the tong ho/chrysanthemum greens, the rare mushrooms, and the frozen tofu)

In addition, GastroGnome and Gastrolust (no relation) have written about Ben Thanh's goat hot pot and spicy hot pots from Szechuan Chef and Seven Stars Pepper.

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