The Find: Korean Booty, aka Puffed Rice Crackers

What: Korean rice crackers

Where: H Marts, Federal Way and Lynnwood

Price: $2 for a dozen

While walking around the historic district of Jeonju, South Korea, this spring I noticed that many of the tourists with children were holding bags of eight-inch-round rice crackers. So I bought a stack of the crackers, crunched my way through what tasted like giant Rice Krispies, and then forgot about the snack -- until the H Mart in Lynnwood opened.

Rounding the corner from the Korean grocery store's produce section, a series of what sounded like gunshots had me ducking and looking around. The noise turned out to be coming from a rice-cracker machine, which cracked and spit out puffs of steam every 30 seconds (demonstration video here). Now every time I hit the Korean market, I pick up a bag of these lightly sweet, airy puffs for my nephew and niece, who love them as much as they do their Veggie Booty.

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