Pioneer Square All City Coffee Quietly Taken Over by Caffe Vita

What happens when your favorite coffee shop simply becomes another one? The All City Coffee shop in Pioneer Square was quietly taken over by Caffe Vita a few weeks ago. The neon All City Coffee sign is still on the corner of the Tashiro Kaplan Building that houses the shop at Prefontaine Place and South Washington Street. (There's a Vita clown logo in the window as well.) As All City had been serving Caffe Vita, the coffee itself is unchanged. The pastries, however, have changed (fewer cupcakes, more croissants), and now there's all sorts of Caffe Vita swag on the counters (CDs, gift packages, and such).

The baristas, however, remain. Here's what one of them said when asked about the change: "It's been an amicable transition. All City wanted to focus its energies on its Georgetown location. That's really their baby. They wanted to sell, Vita wanted to buy, so it worked out for everyone."

This is the fifth Caffe Vita location, after Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Seward Park, and Olympia. Vita is on a big push to become more visible in their various communities, teaming with One Pot, Via Tribunali, and such local organizations as KEXP and The Vera Project. Caffé Vita is also on restaurant menus all over the city, from Steelhead Diner to Cafe Presse to the Sorrento Hotel.

One noticeable difference at their new cafe: the chalkboard advertises a 12-ounce, single-origin coffee. Price: $12.

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