New Weekly Food Critic's Book Makes Time's Top Ten List

Short-order cooks take heart: What might seem like a crummy gig now can lead to fame and notoriety, provided you can write circles around above-average humans. Case in point: ex-hash slinger Jason Sheehan, the current Westword (Denver) food critic who's soon to fill Jonathan Kauffman's stylish Converse All-Stars as the Weekly's new food critic.

Sheehan's memoir, Cooking Dirty, showed up at number nine in the non-fiction books category of Time's year-end collection of Top Ten lists. Of Sheehan and Dirty, the magazine raves: "Chef memoirs are trendy, but none of the chefs writing them have the freakish combination of cooking and writing talent that made Anthony Bourdain a star. But Jason Sheehan comes damn close, and he gives the genre his own distinctive seasoning. He comes at us from the low end of the culinary universe, with tales of chaos from the kitchens of diners and pubs and pizzerias and Chinese restaurants, told with total honesty and vast verbal energy."

Amazingly, Seattle's Best Dive Bars failed to make Time's list. Must have flown over the eds' heads.

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