Mr. Villa Hits a Snag in Its Attempt to Take Over the Old Rose Garden

First, the Rose Garden easily made our esteemed list of the city's ten most intimidating dive bars. Then, going above and beyond that call of duty, it got itself shut down for being a haven for crack dealers. And now, the owners of a popular Mexican restaurant about 60 blocks north on Lake City Way want to open a friendly, neighborhood bar called El Norte in the space once occupied by the Rose Garden.

But they've run into a problem: the fact that the space was once occupied by the Rose Garden.

According to Lake City Live, the Liquor Board's got no beef with the prospective owners of El Norte, who currently operate squeaky-clean (and very tasty) Mr. Villa a fair distance up the road in Maple Leaf. Rather, they're understandably a little worried that the new bar might, through no fault of its own, attract some of the Rose Garden's shifty clientele.

In spite of this, Lake City Live is solidly in El Norte's corner, and offers a few tips for Lake City residents to actively get behind the would-be bar as well.

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