Day 4: A Dive Bar Advent Calendar - The Dynasty Room

Our tribute to the holiday services provided by Seattle's Best Dive Bars continues with the Dynasty Room inside Four Seas Restaurant (714 S. King St.).

You walk into and through the Four Seas, a bright and boring I.D. restaurant, to get to the dark as a hole in the ground with a garishly lit back bar Dynasty Room. Even when the place is almost empty, it carries a certain dingy charm, all crappy 1950's furniture and even a Naugahyde bumper on the bar top (handy on Friday nights). Your choices are very 20 years ago. Keep it simple and make yours a highball. Embrace the sour mix. This is the perfect tableau for escaping holiday family drama, or hire a hitman. You wouldn't think of the Dynasty Room as a great place to take a date, but it sure will separate the frogs from the princes, and the women from the princesses. Seely says you can watch soap operas here during the day. Drinking here during the day? Ballsy. And awesome. (photo by Mike Seely)

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