Day 3: A Dive Bar Advent Calendar - The Zoo

Our tribute to the holiday services provided by Seattle's Best Dive Bars continues with the Eastlake Zoo Tavern (2301 Eastlake Ave. E.).

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Segueing from day one's "sometimes pirate" dive bar (The Baranof) to another nautical themed, "should really be a pirate bar so they can make the frat boys walk the plank" dive bar"with excellent gaming (The Knarr) to a "sometimes far too many frat boys" dive bar, we come to the Zoo. Our own Mike Seely deems it a "dude den par excellence" even if "the neighborhood around it has taken an intensely highfalutin turn..." We overlook the young and cheesy that congregate here on Friday and Saturday nights for the multitude of bar games provided for our drinking pleasure--pool tables, darts, and regulation shuffleboard. Far too few taverns give you enough to do in this town, but the Zoo verges on being a Chuckie Cheese for adults, albeit one in a slight state of disrepair. The only thing that makes us S.A.D. about the Zoo in winter, is not being able to secret in a bounty from Tako Truk...

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