Day 9: A Dive Bar Advent Calendar - Moon Temple

Our tribute to the holiday services provided by Seattle's Best Dive Bars continues with the Moon Temple (2108 N. 45th St.). If you've never lived or hung out in the Wallingford area, you might not understand the persistence of this plain Jane--and practically always empty--Chinese restaurant. But when we say "restaurant," we're not talking about the lounge, which is another consideration entirely.

The lounge's greatest feature isn't the Buddha in the corner, it's the bartender. As its entry in Seattle's Best Dive Bars reads, "The Moon Temple's do-it-all (I can't recall ever seeing another employee) proprietor/bartender, John, doesn't make Long Island Iced Teas. Instead, he's a master of what we'll call John Island Iced Teas, various secret potions containing any number of different liquors that sound like they should taste horrible but instead taste like tropical punch."
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