Bottomfeeder's Top One Holiday Restaurant Giveaway

Bottomfeeder is no fan of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, as we like neither giving nor receiving gifts. That's what happens when one moves into a house that's smaller than the one-bedroom apartment he and his mate vacated, and has a mortgage that's twice what the rent was before.

So when we were given a small gift box with our check at the Silver Fork Sunday morning by a smiling waiter, it was all we could do to keep from groaning in response. "Oh great, more shit," we thought.

We thought wrong.

In the box was not a Christmas ornament, magnet, or cocktail stirrer, but instead a flashlight key chain. Now, technically, a flashlight key chain qualifies as "more shit," but we didn't have a flashlight in our Volvo. And since we could affix it easily to our keys, it doesn't take up any additional space in our lives.

Rather, the flashlight key chain enriches our lives, standing to stave off the pitch-black helplessness of a midnight highway breakdown. It might be my favorite Christmas gift this year (next to tube socks from my wife), and easily topped the list of gifts given to me by area restaurants for the price of a waffle and eggs.

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