10 Things I'll Miss About Seattle, No. 6: Happy Hour at Zig Zag

St. Murray
My last day on Voracious will be Wednesday, so this is sixth in a series on the things I'll miss most about eating in Seattle.

It still shocks me that there are Seattleites who have never heard of the Zig Zag Cafe or Murray Stenson, one of the country's most celebrated bartenders. Nor that this Pike Place Market bar has the best happy hour in the history of the planet: a couple dozen beautifully mixed cocktails, most incorporating top-shelf spirits and mixers, for $5 a piece. No outlet store in the country can provide that great a cost-value benefit.

Happy hour lasts from 5 to 7, and there's almost always a line outside the door at 4:45. It's mostly made up of Murray acolytes who want a chance to sit at the bar and lob questions his way in the hopes that Murray with bless them with a little schooling. (Hint: I've found that bringing an attractive woman with me helps to get the master talking.) And even when St. Stenson isn't around, the other Zig Zag bartenders know their craft. Given that the Weekly's office is four blocks away, only my "start every restaurant review sober" policy keeps me from heading there night after night. The rest of you have no such excuse.

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