Wine Tasting Pre-funk: Woodinville Cafe

Before you head south to "wine country" (double, extra air quotes) in Woodinville, stay on Woodinville Duvall Road just 50 more yards and check out the Woodinville Cafe. A good day wine tasting starts with a belly full of alcohol soaking pancakes and hashbrowns (plenty of crispy edges). The theme here is breakfast diner meets 1950s lunch counter, and the service couldn't be sweeter. They have a full breakfast menu with all the usual suspects, but I was most impressed with my companion's simple turkey sandwich on wheat (which came all dark meat ass requested) and its side of cranberry sauce. Mostly impressed he ordered it the day before Thanksgiving. It's difficult to find a place that offers you too many coffee refills, but beverage service here borderlines on overbearing, in a good way.

(Woodinville Cafe, N.E. 14170 Woodinville Duvall Rd., 425-489-1403)

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