Tavern Turkey at the Streamline

There are plenty of places around town that will do your Thanksgiving cooking for you, but possibly none as unexpected as the Streamline Tavern. For years, the tiny Lower Queen Anne dive has covered its pool table and hosted a neighborhood potluck of sorts, complete with a couple fried birds that are typically prepped at a bartender's nearby apartment and ferried to the Streamline on foot.

"For about eight people, the Streamline is their family," says longtime bartender Mike Lewis, a former P-I columnist who recently bought the tavern with a seasoned consortium of sorts.

Seeing as the Streamline is roughly as big as a trailer-home, freeloading stoners looking to set a holiday consumption record aren't necessarily encouraged to attend. But for those who live in the neighborhood who have no family to spend Thanksgiving with (or, conversely, are looking to escape their family gathering) and are willing to buy a pint or five, there's no charge for the meal, whose sides are typically provided by those eight regulars Lewis speaks of.

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