Svedala Bakery Stand Closes, But All Is Not Lost

Svedala sign.jpg
Last week, the Swedish bakery stand in the Pike Place Market posted this sign and cleared out its cases, leaving bereft the downtown worker who would find himself idly wandering by only to be surprised by how awfully tempting the butter-caramel-and-almond-covered Tosca cake looked. (It's amazing how many times that happened.) But no more.

Owners Kristina and Claes Båvik responded to an email asking about the closure by writing, "Being that we are very much a niche bakery, we perhaps don't

have the mainstream appeal needed for the Pike Place market location." Being situated three or four stands down from the mini donuts couldn't have helped. The Båviks are still taking special orders through their website, and selling the mazarin, katalan, mandelflata, and, yes, Tosca cakes through local Whole Foods stores. Since June, they've also been preparing sandwiches for the Friday smörgåsar lunches at the Swedish Cultural Center (1920 Dexter Ave. N.), which some downtown office workers may find themselves idly driving by one of these days.

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