Hudson Puts the Chill in Chili Burger

Everybody seems to love Hudson, the Smarty Pants spawn-off that had the audacity to open in an industrial no-man's land on the outskirts of Georgetown. Me, I like Hudson when I'm in a very specific mood, a mood that November in Seattle seems to elicit quite frequently--Blue Monday, 40 degrees outside, pouring rain, dark as hell (been that way since quittin' time), and in need of a three-beer emotional parachute at a place that won't put undue strain on an already-steep weekend leisure tab.

By putting a $10.95 chili burger (incl. fries) on its specials board last night, Hudson answered that call.

In some ways, Hudson's chili burger is like any other chili burger--cheese, onions, kidney beans, drizzly meat. But the caliber of hamburger was a healthy cut above what you'll be served from sloppier purveyors, and the bun wasn't so much a bun as it was a fort within which the burger lived, bordered by not two but three toasted slices of garlic bread.

It was comfort food when I needed comforting, yet couldn't afford the optimal comfort of Canlis. But then again, who really can?

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