Drinking: Quentin Crisp Blend from Madison Market

Serendipity rules. I reference Quentin Crisp on Tuesday, and today I'm drinking a cup of Madison Market's Quentin Crisp blend coffee. The private label coffee belongs to the co-op (1600 E. Madison St.). Found in the bulk department, it comes in six flavors, Che Guevara, Chief Sealth, Mahatma Gahndi, Emma Goldman, Miles Davis (decaf) and the quintessential gentleman-dandy himself, Crisp. "Floral aroma, medium body, bright flavor and sweet berry notes," reads the description. (Mr. Crisp might have taken issue with beating around that coffee bush.) Tony's Coffee roasts the beans for each of the blends, developed in conjunction with the co-op, and the beans cost $10.39/pound.

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