Dime Beers At The 5-Point!

The 5-Point has new owners: longtime employee Mandy Park and the soon-to-be father of her child, nightlife poobah Dave Meinert. With that, the 24-hour diner/dive's regulars, of which there are many, can breathe a sigh of relief, as there was some doubt as to what the fate of the famously irreverent 80-year-old institution would be. (Among its slogans: "Alcoholics Serving Alcoholics Since 1929" and "We Cheat Tourists and Drunks")

For Park and Meinert, the 5-Point represents a labor of love, quite literally. Meinert met Park while the latter was on shift as a 5-Point server in 1996, and they've since been a couple for the past 11 years. Largely, the pair plans to preserve the 5-Point's salt-of-the-earth status quo, with one eye-catching exception: ten-cent beers.

Not every night, mind you--that would be financial suicide. But for one fabulously affordable night in December, to commemorate its 80th anniversary, the 5-Point will offer beers for a dime and 30-cent Blue Plate specials. The specific date is TBD, as is the brand of beer that will be so sharply discounted (We will, of course, let you know what it is the moment we know, cheap, thirsty bastards that we are.)

As for whether the heaviest of hoochers can drink 'til they drop, Park says simply: "Obviously, there are rules and laws about that." In other words, not quite--but what a base you'll be able to build for a buck.

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