5-Spot's St. Lou Menu Has Pork Steaks Too, and Throws a Sausage in the Slinger

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"It's difficult for me to act like a heterosexual poonhound, but man did i nail this role."
Last week, I expressed extreme enthusiasm for the 5-Spot's latest regional menu, which features the cuisine of my onetime home, St. Louis. A couple amendments: (1) I neglected to mention that on the dinner menu is a pork steak, a backyard BBQ delicacy best accompanied by a half-rack of Busch; (2) the music--essentially a rotation of Wilco and Son Volt--is regional too; and (3) sausage is substituted for hamburger on the Soulard Slinger. Not a big, fat, fucking sausiiiij-uh, but a slender, healthy-ish patty. Which is sort of cheating. But it's still good.

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