Review Roundup: The Times Splurges on a Dime, the Met Picks Its Top 10

At the Seattle Times, Nancy Leson writes up her favorite tiny-budget extravagances, which range from the $1 cheese nubs at PCC to the roasted mushroom and truffle-cheese pizza at Serious Pie. Meanwhile in the Dining Deals column, Jon Fisch gives some love to the sandwiches and minestrone at Picnic, the upscale deli in Greenwood.

At the Seattle Met, Kathryn Robinson names her top 10 restaurants of 2009, which include now-perennials like Canlis and Rover's as well as the new Spinasse and Spring Hill.

In Seattle magazine, Jacquie Perez praises the taste as well as the health-giving effects of the vegan hemp soft-serve ice cream at Healeo in Capitol Hill.

The Stranger and the Weekly appear to be working in parallel this past few weeks, with Bethany J. Clement standing in line for Delancey, too, and not regretting the experience.

Hillel Cooperman at Tasting Menu/new P-I writes that he never liked Ethiopian cuisine before he met Habesha.

Surly Gourmand takes on Smith, the bar-restaurant on 15th Ave, and calls its potato chips "so delicious I wish I could puke them up right now and eat them again." Mentions of your mother: 0. Mentions of Assfuckville, Arizona: 1.

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