Review Roundup: Elemental Next Door, Daimonji, Poco Wine Room

The Seattle Times' Providence Cicero finds that at Elemental Next Door -- Phred Westfall and Laurie Riedeman's second place, which now shares a kitchen with Elemental -- the customer is in charge. Which means, gasp, they can pick their own wines.

In the Dining Deals section, Lynn Jacobson rediscovers Daimonji, a 20-year-old bento box place. Not only does it serve big portions of Japanese standards, it's one of the few places in town to serve okonomiyaki, which Matthew Amster-Burton describes as a "pancake pizza". In short, two of nature's greatest foods combined.

At the Stranger, Lindy West accidentally discovers that Chiang's Gourmet, the Chinese restaurant she's been going to since childhood, serves Taiwanese dim sum.

Surly Gourmand reviews Poco Wine Room in Capitol Hill. In the process Surly reveals he hates deconstructed food, loves truffle oil, wants to be a major boozer but is too afraid to commit, and likes Poco. Mentions of your mom: 3. Mentions of your mom's private parts: 2.

Om Nom Nom Nom discovers that if you arrive at Salumi at 10:45, you only have to wait 15 minutes and can be 10th in line to get your porchetta sandwich. Tricky...

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