Review Roundup: Cafe Nordo, Laredos Grill

At the Seattle Times, Providence Cicero notes the timeliness of the changeover from upscale Veil to populist Laredos Grill. She gives the place a little more love than I just did, but has some big reservations. In Dining Deals, Sanjay Bhatt sums up the appeal of New's Noodles as "If you can't decide between Thai and Vietnamese . . ." Exactly.

The Stranger's Thadius Van Landingham reviews Cafe Nordo, the dinner-slash-theater that is not dinner theater. For once, the debate in the comments helps flesh out the review.

At Tasting Menu/the New P-I, Hillel Cooperman discovers he likes the rustic aspects of Ballard's Le Gourmand best.

Seattle Magazine provides a guide to the city's Monte Cristos -- those deep-fried ham-and-cheese sandwiches served with a side of jam. Voracious pronounces itself intrigued and rather disturbed by the Rusty Pelican's version on cinnamon-swirl bread.

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