Holly Smith Surives Iron Chef Elimination...Barely

When you hear people speak of "food porn," they're likely speaking of the Food Network in general, and Iron Chef in particular. Just finished a huge dinner? Not to worry: After an hour of watching Iron Chef, you'll be ready for round two--not exactly good news for that plan to practice tough love on the love handles.

Now comes a Top Chef-esque spinoff, The Next Iron Chef, of the American version, wherein 10 top chefs from around the country are vying to join the likes of Flay and Batali as Kitchen Stadium royalty. Only one will ultimately survive, and last night, Cafe Juanita's Holly Smith barely survived the first elimination round. Her seafood soup was deemed too salty, but she was beat to the bottom by Eric Greenspan's "inedible" pork and grasshopper combo. (Yes, grasshopper--"extreme" ingredients were the theme for the first battle). While it should feel like an honor just to be considered one of America's super-elite chefs, Smith will have to, ahem, heat up in a hurry should she want to avoid the chopping block this Sunday.

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