Blogwatch: Leafy Greens Initiaive, Tom Carr's Bar Intolerance and Goat!

The Ethicurean has part three in a series of posts on the National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, which would require farms selling leafy greens to larger distributors to agree to "safe food" practices. It's more interesting than it sounds and has a nice use of the phrase "slow-release intravenous whiskey drip."

Tom Carr sets the record straight about his hatred of bars, with Caleb Hannan over on our Daily Weekly blog. Yeah, but I now want him to defend his love of Talarico's.

Goat hot pot! Goat hot pot! GastroGnome excites at least five people I know of, including Jonathan Kauffman, with her report on Ben Thanh and its lau de.

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