Columbia City Bakery Starts Selling Yes on R-71 Cookies

The Columbia City Bakery has just announced that, starting this Saturday and lasting up until the election, it will be selling heart-shaped shortbread cookies to raise money for Washington Families Standing Together. WAFST is working to get voters to approve Referendum 71, which will preserve the state's new expanded domestic-partnership rights (if you haven't heard, the referendum has just been certified and will be on this year's ballot).

The cookies will cost $1.50, of which $1 will go to WASFT. Voracious is somewhat dismayed to find that there will be sugar rainbows on some of the cookies (LGBT Design Council: is our logo redesign finished yet?). However, having tasted the bakery's shortbread on numerous occasions, we are looking forward to supporting the cause. Repeatedly.

UPDATE: Changed the title of this post from "Pro-71" to "Yes on 71" to make it clear that a yes vote on the referendum preserves the domestic-partnership rights recently passed by the legislature. Up until now, the fight had been to keep R-71 off the ballot. Oo, this confusion bodes ill...

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