Big Plans for Alki Homestead

In its most recent incarnation, the Alki Homestead was a nostalgic, lodge-like structure where dapper waiters served large platters of fried chicken until its customers said "no mas!" Eating there felt like taking in a meal on the set of The Shining, only with far less likelihood that Jack Nicholson would murder you. Then, in January, the Alki Homestead was severely damaged by a fire that owner Tom Lin claimed was ignited by Christmas lights.

Down, yes, but not out; West Seattle Blog has the scoop on what Lin has in store now that the historic property. He's talking expansion--big time expansion. In the existing building, once known as the Fir Lodge, and in additional buildings, the Alki Homestead will be reborn, as a restaurant (again), a bar, a spa, a wellness center, and a bed and breakfast. All that's left is for Lin to get the money and permits to do all this stuff. Should be easy, right?

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